Comfy Chair

Comfy Chair Novelty Cake

Dad asleep on the sofa

ForĀ  my dad’s 60th birthday we planned a surprise dinner at Franky and Benny’s on Brighton Marina and had my uncle and cousins meet us there. I wanted a cake we could bring out at the end of the meal with sparklers and where we could sing happy birthday so I decided to have a go at making a novelty cake to really set the end of the meal off with a grand finale. I’ve never done novelty cakes before and this was my first attempt! It was a bit tricky modelling the sugar paste and I will definitely have to perfect the technique but I didn’t think it looked too bad considering.

Inside was a large 10″ round chocolate sponge with chocolate butter cream simply cut 1/3 deep and turned on its end to act as the back of the sofa. The rest was just colouring and rolling and modelling the sugar paste on top. Dad loves to read the paper and usually falls asleep in his chair whilst reading it so this was perfect for him. For this cake I borrowed Carol Deacon’s “no time party cakes” from the local library and found her descriptions and pictures so good that I ended up buying the book second hand on amazon! I changed the colours and clothes to match what dad wears and his hair colour. I also added our dogs Hunnie and Bramble to make it really life-like. Our dogs are King Charles Cavalier Spaniels but Hunnie, I swear thinks she’s a cat, loves to sleep on the arms and top of the sofa!

The cake was such a success and the restaurant staff turned off all the lights and paraded the cake round before coming to our table which was so cool and unplanned and normally they don’t do that! Definitely an awesome end to the meal and the restaurant staff complimented me on the cake which was really sweet! I loved making the cake and want to experiment with other cakes now. Only trouble is nowhere in Germany sells sugar paste or ready to roll icing so I’ll need to be creative!

Messy Bramble behind the sofa

Bramble is always getting herself messy and dirty playing outside

Hunnie close up

Hunnie close up

NewspaperSide view finished cake

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