Raspberry Ice Tea Recipe

What you need to know:
Prep time: 15 mins

Ingredients for 4 glasses:
100 g raspberries
8 tbsp apricot or strawberry syrup
1 stick of lemon balm
10 teabags or tsp of Darjeeling tea second flush

juice from 1/2 lemon
ice cubes



1. Wipe the raspberries with a dry cloth, try not to wash them if possible as they will loose flavour. Mix the raspberries with the syrup.

2.  Rinse, pat dry and pluck the leaves from the lemon balm.

3. Boil 600 ml water and pour 100 ml into a jug and steep the tea for 2 mins. Pour the tea away but keeping the tea bags. Pour the rest of the water over the teabags in the jug.

4. Strain the raspberries out of the syrup but keep hold of the syrup. Pour the syrup and lemon juice into the tea mixture.

5. Fill 2/3 of the glasses with ice cubes and raspberries then pour the tea over the top.

6. Decorate with lemon balm leaves on top and long handled spoons and enjoy!

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