Lime and Ginger Kick Recipe

What you need to know:
Prep time: 10 mins

Ingredients for 2 glasses:
4 teabags or 2 large tbsp green tea
1 lime 200 ml passion fruit juice or pineapple juice
8-10 drops of Tabasco sauce
200 ml ginger ale or lemonade

ice cubes



1. Boil 200 ml water and steep the teabags in a teapot for 3 mins.

2. Remove the teabags and let the tea cool down. Meanwhile cut the lime into slices.

3. Mix well the tea with passion fruit or pineapple juice, Tabasco sauce, lime slices and ginger or lemonade.

4. Fill the glasses with 1/3 ice cubes and pour over the tea drink and enjoy!

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