Dresden Custard Cake Recipe

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Dresden Eierschecke Kuchen

Dresdner Eierschecke Kuchen

If you like custard and cheesecake you will love this recipe! I do and although slightly tricky to make you can buy packs of cake mix for this cake in the local supermarkets here in Germany, which is a bit easier but not gluten free. This cake traditionally comes from Dresden in Saxony and is sold in all the bakeries in the state. Some bakeries like to put raisins and lemon juice in their versions and others don’t like the caster sugar on top but the main thing is that you have the three layers. A thin base, a quark cheese centre and a soft custard cake topping. Why not have a go and taste a bit of Saxony’s finest during your Kaffee and Kuchen* break.

* Kaffee und Kuchen is a popular social activity a bit like the British tea-time. Germans often have a slice of cake with a cup of coffee and catch up with friends in the afternoons. Kaffee and Kuchen is literally translated ‘coffee and cake’.



What you need to know:
Prep time: 40 mins
Cook time: 50 mins
Cool time: 40 mins
Oven temp.: 200-230 °C

Ingredients for 8 portions:
5 oz / 150 g gluten-free flour

1 oz / 30 g Butter pinch of Salt
0.28 oz / 8 g yeast tbsp sugar
0.22 pint / 100 ml Milk

Quark filling:
16 oz / 450 g Quark

3 oz / 80 g sugar
1 Egg
1.5 oz /40 g gluten-free flour
pinch of salt
1.5 oz / 41g Butter melted

Custard cake top:
0.75 pint / 350 ml Milk

2 oz / 50 g sugar
2.3 oz / 60 g custard powder
pinch of salt
2.6 oz / 75g Butter
5 Egg yolks

5 egg whites with  2 oz / 50 g sugar

10″ / 28 cm round spring form cake tin

1. First we need to make the base. To save time you can use a shop-bought gluten-free thin short crust pastry case. If making it yourself, put the gluten-free flour and butter into a bowl and using your fingertips rub them together until you have a breadcrumb texture. Mix the rest of the base ingredients together with the gluten-free flour and butter until they start to form a dough. Roll into a ball and leave in the bowl for 10 minutes to rest.

2. Grease your tin ready. After 10 min take the dough out and on a gluten-free floured surface roll out big enough to cover the base of your tin and create a high crust. Carefully lay the pastry into the tin and put aside.

3. Now we need to make the quark filling. Put all the ingredients for the filling, except the melted butter, in a bowl and mix well. Only when the other ingredients have been mixed add the melted butter and if you want you can add raisins and lemon juice. Leave in the bowl and put aside next to the prepared pastry base.

4. Next is the custard cake part. In a saucepan pour the milk, sugar, salt and custard powder in and gently cook until you have a thick creamy consistency. Be careful not to let the mixture boil over. Once you have a creamy mass remove from the heat and stir in the egg yolks and butter.

5. In a separate bowl beat the egg whites with sugar as if you were to make meringues. Make sure the mixture doesn’t break up or look curdled. You want fluffy white egg whites that are stiff and don’t drip. When ready carefully fold into the custard mixture in the saucepan.

6. Bring back the pastry case and quark filling. Spread all of the quark filling over the pastry base and then pour the warm custard mixture over the quark filling until all used up.

7. Transfer immediately into the preheated oven and bake at 230 degrees C for 20 mins. After 20 mins reduce the oven temp. to 200 degrees C and continue to bake for a further 40 mins or until the cake is done. Test by putting a skewer in the centre; it should come out clean.

8. Leave to cool and ‘set’ for 40 mins and then slice and enjoy!

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