Toad in the Hole Recipe

Toad in the Hole

Straight out of the oven: Toad in the Hole

This is my mum’s delicious toad in the hole recipe. It is so easy to make, doesn’t take too much preparation and is a great one for the kids or as comfort food on a cold rainy day! Toad in the Hole is basically sausages in Yorkshire pudding and Yorkshire pudding is a lot like a pancake batter cooked in the oven!

I love toad in the hole covered in Heinz tomato ketchup or HP Brown sauce but if you need to pack in the five a day you can add veggies as a side dish and try gravy over the toad in the hole! As a tip, if you have left over Yorkshire Pudding (no sausages left) you can eat it cold sprinkled with sugar on for a sweet treat 😉 but it’s so delicious I doubt you’ll have leftovers! 😀

Hope you enjoy!



What you need to know:
Prep time: 20mins
Cook time: approx 45mins
Oven temp.: 200 °C Fan

Ingredients for 4 portions:
4 part cooked sausages cut into small pieces
1/2 Pint/300ml milk
4oz/120g gluten-free plain flour
pinch of salt
1 egg
1 dab of lard/butter/oil
1 casserole dish

1. The trick to any successful Yorkshire pudding/toad in the hole is getting the fat really hot. You can part cook the sausages separately but I like to use the same dish to save washing up and it heats the fat up really well. So in the casserole dish chuck in the lard/butter or oil whichever you are using and prick and cut the sausages and lay them in the dish. Put in the oven for around 10mins or until the fat is bubbling nicely and the sausages are part cooked. I have a fan oven and usually put it on at 200 degrees C.

2. While the sausages are cooking you can make up the batter mix. Add the milk, gluten-free flour, egg and salt into a large bowl and whisk until smooth. My mum uses a blender so if you have one you can throw all the ingredients together and blend it smooth.

3. Once the sausages are part cooked and the fat is piping hot and bubbling pour in the batter mix and turn the sausages over so they are coated nicely. I used a 20cm deep casserole dish but a smaller one would work probably better for good coverage.

4. Leave to bake for around 3/4 hour or until the batter looks golden brown. The best Yorkshire pudding has crispy gold brown edges and is soft and white inside but it might take a couple of practice goes depending on your oven. If you want to have veggies on the side now would be the perfect time to steam/boil/prepare them.

5. When ready slice and serve immediately either with gravy or with your favourite sauce (and a large red wine) and enjoy a bit of Britain!

Ingredients for batter mix

Step 2. Ingredients

Throw into a bowl the milk, flour, egg and salt and whisk until smooth.

Whisking batter

Whisk to make the batter

Make sure there are no lumps and the mix is creamy and runny.

Batter mix

Batter mix ready for the oven

Once the batter resembles this and your sausages are nicely part cooked and the oil in the dish is really hot, then pour this into the dish over the sausages and pop in the oven. Be careful as the hot oil and batter may splash when you pour it.

Toad in the Hole

Cooked and ready to eat

 Leave to bake for around 3/4 hour or until the batter looks golden brown. The best Yorkshire pudding has crispy gold brown edges and is soft and white inside.

Toad in the hole on a plate

Slice into squares and serve

You can dish up the toad in the hole however you like or present it on the table whole. I like to slice mine into squares.

Toad in the Hole with Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Delicious smothered in Heinz Tomato Ketchup!

Enjoy your English dinner with gravy, ketchup, brown sauce, veggies or a side salad and a glass of vino! Yummy!

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