German Gluten-Free Venison & Bacon Goulash Recipe

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Goulash is like our English stews. It consists of usually a red or dark meat and vegetables in a thick tomato sauce, which is left to simmer on a low heat for several hours to increase flavour and normally includes red wine and beef broth. This is a lovely German recipe made with venison meat and bacon in a thyme and tomato sauce. You can serve it with white or sweet mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, cauliflower mash if you want a paleo version, vegetables or rice or just enjoy it on its own. Continue reading

Gluten-Free Cottage Pie Recipe

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Gluten free Cottage Pie, PALEO

Not many people understand the difference between Shepherd’s Pie and Cottage Pie and often mix them up so I’ll set you straight! 😉 Traditionally both are made with breadcrumbs to soak up the liquids and bulk out the dish as meat is expensive so watch out for restaurant versions as there is bound to be breadcrumbs in them! Shepherd’s Pie is traditionally made with lamb minced meat (hence shepherds look after lambs) and includes carrot, onion and garlic with a mashed potato topping and was my dad’s favourite English dish. Cottage Pie is made with beef minced meat and includes carrots, onion, garlic and other vegetables with a mashed potato topping. Continue reading

5 Tips how to lose weight on a gluten-free diet

Losing weight on a gluten free diet

Just because you are on a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean that you will automatically lose weight. A lot of people go gluten free as a way to shred pounds and not for medicinal reasons and others who are coeliac and need to go gluten free even put on weight as nutrients start being absorped, which previously weren’t, in the case of severely vitamin and mineral deficient coealic patients. Either way, those on a gluten-free diet may not necessarily lose the weight they expect to so if you are looking to lose weight this summer to get into that polka dot bikini or to just feel healthier here are 5 tips to help you lose weight on a gluten-free diet. Continue reading

Huttwiler gluten free product review

Huttwiler gluten free rolls out of the ovenJust before Easter I was contacted by a lovely lady called Annika in Munich who asked me if I would be willing to sample some gluten-free cakes and bread and to let her know what I thought of them. She works in PR for Waechter & Waechter and came across my website. She explained to me that Huttwiler is a Swiss bakery company so after a bit of online research I not only found out they are the number one leading gluten-free specialists in Switzerland but they have also started selling their products in K&U bakeries across Munich and West Germany too! Excited? Of course I was! So how could I refuse! I waited excitedly everyday for the post to come and on Thursday 4th April my big white polystyrene box arrived by courier containing lots of yummy gluten-free goodies! So this is my Huttwiler gluten-free product review!

Continue reading

Gluten free French chocolate cherry cake recipe

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slice gluten free choc cherry cakeDeliciously moist, chocolatey and with enough cherries in every bite this cake is decadent and moreish! This recipe contains nuts so those with nut allergies be aware this might not be for you but if you’re OK with hazelnuts go on and try it! I reckon it’s one of my new favourites! It can also be made the day before and keeps its moist texture really well over two days in an airtight container! Yum! 😉 Continue reading

Gluten free food list for Heinz products

So I was thinking this morning about sauces and condiments and if we need to get any this weekend at the supermarket and I realised that I’ve never checked to see if they are gluten free. I’ve done the ingredients check on the jars and there’s nothing nasty looking there but I’ve never phoned or e-mailed the manufacturers to get a definite answer so this morning I sat down and wrote to Heinz and Coleman’s of Norwich asking them if they had a list they could send me or tell me which products of theirs are gluten free. Continue reading

10 years Gluten Free and a Giveaway Prize!

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Hello there! This year; 2013, I realised is my 10 year anniversary of going gluten free and to celebrate I thought i’d tell you a little about my gluten free experiences over the last 10 years and offer a giveaway prize! One lucky winner will get a small box of gluten free goodies sent to their door directly! All you need to do is answer the question at the bottom and I’ll pick the best answer and declare the winner on Friday! I’ll post the winner on my Facebook page and twitter so be sure to follow me to make sure you get the news – it might be you! Continue reading