10 Tips For A Gluten-Free Life

1. Consult your doctor, health insurance company and / or a dietitian about leading a gluten-free diet and what gluten and coeliac disease are. In the UK, those diagnosed with coeliac disease are entitled to free coupons to buy gluten-free products.

2. Consume, when possible, only foods that have been certified gluten free by a well known established gluten-free brand and learn to read the labels on all foods and drinks. Watch out for wheat free products as they are not always gluten free! E.G. oats.

3. Lots of foods are naturally gluten-free so take advantage of this and stock up on fresh meat, fish, eggs, potatoes, rice, vegetables, fruit, milk and milk products.

4. So you don’t feel left out or stuck for food on holiday research in advance. Ask the hotel for information in advance and check out restaurants in the local area online. Here is a useful website for travelling with a gluten-free diet. www.glutenfreeroads.com.

5. Look for the gluten-free symbol! The wheat grain striked through or the words “gluten free” will help you guarantee the product is safe to eat.

6. Do your research on foods, diet and health so you know what you are dealing with.

7. Take care when preparing foods at home that the work surfaces and equipment are free from gluten.

8. Become a member of the Coeliac Society in your country for tips, advice and to meet other people in the same situation. Also check online for gluten-free blogs, food recipes and other forums where you can talk to people and learn more. See my links page!

9. Lots of manufacturers of products give away free information about their products, use this and ask to be sent free lists and information regarding the ingredients they use.

10. In the UK a new law was passed to guarantee that every business selling food (restaurant, coffee shop, cafe, bar, pub) has to provide at least one gluten-free option for diners. It may differ across countries but ask the restaurants, which dishes are gluten-free and listen out for tips and local talk about gluten-free places to eat out.

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