Charlemagne Prokopyshyn gluten free recipesHi my name is Charlemagne, but call me Charlie! Welcome to my gluten-free online binder of recipes and information! Welcome to!

Pudding-Girl is a gluten-free food blog divided mainly into two parts; sweet-girl and savoury-girl and each filled with delicious gluten-free recipes. I wanted somewhere where I could share my recipes I have collected, created or that have run in my family and also use the website as a portable recipe binder as I tend to live between the UK, Germany and Ukraine. I was born and lived for 24 years in the UK, moved to East Germany and have been living in Germany now for 3 years and here I  met and married a Ukrainian boy! The recipes here tend to be from those three countries too with a few other international delights thrown in for good measure. Most of the recipes I have were not originally gluten-free so I have been working through them and experimenting to make them gluten-free. On my website you will also find other helpful and useful information about gluten and going gluten-free. You can head directly to the gluten info via the link on the navigation bar above and be sure to check out my blogs, which are around the topics of gluten free, health and well being. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use the search bar top right and type in what you want to find!

Here I can talk about all things food and share tips and recipes, desserts, savoury ideas, decorating, photography and have a few laughs along the way as I learn and develop my skills. So have a look around and if you have any comments or want to say hi I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by!

Be Well!

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