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So I was thinking this morning about sauces and condiments and if we need to get any this weekend at the supermarket and I realised that I’ve never checked to see if they are gluten free. I’ve done the ingredients check on the jars and there’s nothing nasty looking there but I’ve never phoned or e-mailed the manufacturers to get a definite answer so this morning I sat down and wrote to Heinz and Coleman’s of Norwich asking them if they had a list they could send me or tell me which products of theirs are gluten free. Heinz were ultra speedy and replied back within a few hours sending me a really helpful list to download and I must say it’s really thorough. This is what their e-mail said:

Dear Mrs Prokopyshyn

Thank you for getting in touch regarding gluten in our products.

Recent change in legislation means that claims such as ‘Suitable for a Gluten Free Diet’ will not be permitted on food labels sold after January 2012.

According to the new legislation, a ‘Gluten Free’ claim will be permitted on foods that contain less than 20 mg/kg of gluten.

The products we have provided on the list here do not contain any gluten containing ingredients.  The lists are correct at the date shown below. The lists will be up-dated every 6 months and you are advised to request an up-dated list every 6 months. Our policy of continuous product improvement may result in a change to the label and you are advised to always check the label for changes to the allergen status of our products.





This email is not intended to create a contract or an offer of acceptance or other legally binding commitment, unless that is expressly stated to be the case in the email.If the email does expressly state that a contract is created, then any contract for sale by us of goods will (unless expressly stated otherwise) be subject to the relevant H.J. Heinz’s Standard Conditions of Sale applicable to that type of goods which are set out at and any contract for purchase by us of goods will (unless expressly stated otherwise) be subject to the relevant H.J. Heinz’s Standard Conditions of Purchase which are set out at

H.J. Heinz group trading companies (all registered in England and Wales): H.J. Heinz Company Limited (company number 147624), HP Foods Limited (company number 2251694), Heinz Single Service Limited (company number 1749058) and H.J. Heinz Frozen & Chilled Foods Limited (company number 2207650); all with registered office address at South Building, Hayes Park, Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 8AL.


I was really happy to know that my Ketchup, Tartare sauce, Salad Cream, HP brown sauce and Baked beans and Tomato soup are all gluten free! And I also learnt about some other products that I never realised were gluten free too so it means I am able to broaden my shopping horizon a bit more! yey! I also found out online that Heinz are producing their own line of gluten free pasta and spaghetti (see picture above) and it’s made in Spain by traditional pasta making methods. How exciting is that?! I can still remain loyal to Heinz and be gluten free at the same time! They are just the best! Once I hear from Coleman’s of Norwich I will let you know what they say but if you’d like to get a free copy of the gluten free food list for Heinz products just download the pdf. file link below. It’s perfectly safe, there’s no viruses or catches to send me your e-mail address etc., just lots of helpful information about Heinz and it’s gluten free products so have a peek I dare you! You may be pleasantly surprised!

>>>Gluten free food list from Heinz<<<

Be well!

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    • Hi Lindy, you are right that the normal original HP sauce contains gluten but the other varieties with added flavours etc. eg. BBQ classic, BBQ Honey, BBQ Spicy and HP Pepper sauce are gluten-free. Just can’t have the original HP sauce, which is a shame but still there are some options available. Again need to read and check the labels carefully! 🙂

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