Coeliac and B Vitamins


This is just a short blog today but I wanted to share a review that cropped up on my twitter news feed. It’s an article about coeliac disease and vitamin B deficiency. Quite interesting and worth a read. Below is a snippit of what the article says but for more info go to


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“Celiac disease greatly impairs the body’s ability to absorb many nutrients, and can cause B vitamin deficiency. B vitamin deficiencies frequently cause anemia, as folic acid and vitamin B12 are required to prevent anemia and are often not adequately absorbed in celiacs. B vitamins help prevent anemia, heart disease, and birth defects, while helping to regulate blood glucose, mood and mental health.

B vitamin supplementation can help prevent the development of chronic disease and may even help re-mediate some of the negative symptoms of celiac disease dramatically improving overall health and energy levels.”

Celiac Disease and B Vitamin Deficiency: What You Need to Know
July 25, 2012 by Max Librach on


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