Here is my page dedicated especially to answering those frequently asked questions and giving you a bit of a further insight into Charlie’s world! I try to answer as many as possible but if I miss you have a browse through the following and it may answer yours! Thanks for stopping by!

Q. 1. Can you giveĀ  me a breakdown of your lingo?
A. Charlie’s Terminology Explained:

Eggs = large fresh free range eggs
Butter / Margarine = unsalted for sweets and salted for savouries
Splash = 2-3 tbsp
Dollop = 1 heaped tbsp
Dash = 1 tbsp
Flour = Schaer’s gluten-free maize blendĀ  (if using other types of flour you may need to alter some of the ingredients accordingly. Other gluten-free flours work differently but if you have a lot of experience go with what you know.)

Q. 2. Which flour do you use?
A. I use a maize blend by Schaer.

I feel it works well for both sweets and savouries but does require more fluids than normal flours call for. Schaer have a variety of flours for different types of baking/cooking and tend to label the flours as A, B and C Mix. I tend to use the C Mix (cakes and biscuits) for all my cooking as I’m a bit lazy lol! I’m not sure if Schaer is available outside of Europe though. Check the pictures for the flour I use. The translation of the Mix C cakes and biscuits blend is: Corn starch, cornflour, carob bean gum. Can contain traces of lupine seed. Lactose free.

Gluten Free flour Mix C cakes and biscuits with Breadcrumbs

Gluten free cake and biscuit flour and ready to use breadcrumbs by Schaer.

Schaer Breadcrumb Ingredients

Schaer Breadcrumb Ingredients

Schaer ingredients for cake and biscuit flour mix C

Schaer ingredients for cake and biscuit flour mix C

Q. 3. How do I make Buttermilk?
A. Lemon Juice or White Vinegar

Add one tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar to a liquid measuring cup. Then, add milk until the amount reaches one cup. Let the mixture stand at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. The milk should look curdled. Stir and you have homemade buttermilk!

Q.4 What do the allergy symbols mean?
A. Here is my chart of symbols with their description below. If you see them on a recipe it means it contains them or is safe for this diet. The wheat striked through is on all the recipes as standard meaning gluten free. Designed by yours truly! Hope they help!

food allergy symbols collection


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