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First Impressions are key but if you mess it up a yummy cake is a brilliant recovery:

Hello! I’m Charlemagne Kathleen Emma Louise Prokopyshyn…OK call me Charlie it’s probably easier (Except if you really wanna have a go here’s the pronunciation guide: Shar-le-main Kathleen Emma Louise Prok-a-pee-shin. Yeah I have to do that a lot 😛 )

Welcome to my blog! 

So as the name suggests, I love food! Real, good, natural, wholesome nutritious food! Except mushrooms, oysters and caviar! BIG YUK! Don’t ever serve me those lol! I love natural organic produce and meats, no chemicals or artificial flavourings and all that fake stuff! Yuk! Who needs that?! I get excited about food though. I love looking at Pinterest and Instagram (food porn heaven) and I talk about food. All. The. Time. I have a big sweet tooth but I’m super strict with myself and manage most of the time to keep it under control :-p there are however, a few sweet recipes on this blog for fun get-togethers and special occasions 😉

This blog includes paleo and gluten-free recipes and a bit of information about the gluten-free lifestyle. I eat paleo, or at least try to 90% of the time. Paleo suits me better and makes my life and body much happier! The recipes on here though are a mix of paleo and gluten free so purists watch out and don’t be mad at me. I’m just writing about food, not advocating a strict paleo diet here! And sometimes I might share some interesting health information from time to time but I’m not going to talk about all the science behind paleo nutrition or why it’s good. If you want to research about the health benefits then you’ll need to go to other blogs like Fitter Food, Whole9, RealFoodLiz or Robb Wolf. But for me, by eating paleo, I got rid of my migraines, sorted out my hormone imbalances, lost weight that I struggled to lose, made my periods a lot less painful, have more energy, feel great, no longer have stomach upsets, my nails and hair are stronger, longer and my immune system is in top condition. I also no longer suffer from hay fever, and strange rashes on my body that none of the doctors could diagnose seem to have disappeared. I still suffer from Skeeter’s syndrome (damn mosquitoes and biting insects!) and have an under active thyroid (Hashimotos Thyroiditis) but on the whole paleo suits me amazingly and I’m going to stay with this lifestyle regardless of the hype, media and what others say. I find the science behind it interesting but I have a brain like a sieve sometimes and I don’t want to write a blog about science and regurgitate everything that’s already out there. I want to concentrate on food 🙂 Food is absolutely the best medicine out there for all ailments and food is for the soul or whatever the saying is! It works for me so that’s all that matters 🙂 Hey, you just gotta tailor your diet to suit you and find out what works and be happy. There’s no right or wrong or one diet fits all kinda thing out there! We’re all different and react / function differently! It’s what makes it fun!

By the way, for those starting out gluten free there is a free food chart under the Gluten Info section and likewise some information about going gluten free there to start you off ’cause I’m nice like that :-p

So I should probably warn you: I haven’t been to cake decorating classes nor have I done any food/culinary courses except at school in Food Tech. but making cheese on toast isn’t exactly “cooking.” I like to think I’m amazing in the kitchen but the truth is most of my gluten-free bakes are absolute disasters haha! Yep – still trying to master that. Cooking is better and I can generally rustle up some darn good tasty dishes. However, presentation and photography need work. I’m not a pro. Please forgive me. I can’t be good at everything and it seems these days food bloggers have gotta be photographers, cooks, bakers, web designers, social media pros, witty, write engaging posts yada yada … I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m not that skilled. What you see is pretty much what you get. A British girl living in Germany, battling damn conversion tables from lbs to grams and trying to just make delicious, good looking food on a tight budget with a second hand nikon camera or sometimes a phone camera! So your patience and humour is muchly appreciated especially when I have culinary mishaps! :-p And I work two different jobs so I can’t promise you I’ll regularly post new recipes either. Sometimes it’s a case of pot luck and I’ll surprise you! :-p I do it for me as a hobby, to inspire others and so if I ever accidentally wipe my hard-drive or all my recipe books somehow burn in a kitchen fire (probably a gluten-free bake gone wrong) then I know I have a back up of recipes on here! 😀

More about me…

I come from a small village called Rustington, in West Sussex. It’s on the south coast of the UK and 10 mins walk from the beach. I’ve rarely lived away from the sea so now that i’m living in East Germany near the Czech border I really miss it. I’m married to a Ukrainian. I studied languages: German and Russian and then studied graphic design. But I work as a freelance proofreader and copy editor of English texts for non-native English speakers and help out at the local department store in town now and then. We have two pet house bunnies and I love shoes and all things sparkly. I love people, culture, languages and I’m an ex-dancer of Latin American and Ballroom and love dancing! Salsa, hiphop, African, belly dance you name it. Music and dance style – I love them all. I love musicals too. Hate opera. Oh, and I’m also a huge fan and supporter of the UK and US military. I support “Help for Heroes” and “Wounded Warriors” and I’m also a volunteer Angel for Soldiers’ Angels. If you still want to know a few more things about me check out: 20 random facts about me.

Well, I hope you enjoy the blog and find some useful fun recipes; there’s a real mix of English, American, German and Ukrainian recipes here and will continue to be as people and countries influence my life and cooking accordingly!

I would love for you to leave comments or even just say hello! Alternatively follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. I probably won’t reply but you can stalk me and my activities on there at your leisure 😉

Thanks for visiting!

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